Friday, April 24, 2015


THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, by Paula Hawkins. (Riverhead.) A psychological thriller set in London is full of complications and betrayals.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have always wanted to be rich. I want to live a life filled with luxuries. I want to be the envy of others. In my opinion, wealth is something that could buy a lot of things. Money can bring you happiness. However, I do not deny that there are many things that money cannot buy. In fact, I believe that there are other more important things in life than money.

I am born into a middle class family. My family is neither poor nor rich. We are able to afford basic necessities and some luxuries. Also, I am blessed with parents who care a lot for me. They work hard to provide for me and my brother. My brother and I are able to lead a carefree life. I am thankful for all that I have. However, I do not deny that I want more. I want to be truly rich. I want to be able to afford everything that I want.

Being rich can make my life more comfortable. I will be able to buy a big house with servants. I will be able to afford luxurious cars with chauffeurs. I will be able to dine in expensive restaurants. I will be able to afford a private jet in which I can visit all the beautiful countries. Pretty girls will flock to me. I will be able to enjoy relaxing spas. People will look up to me. I believe that money will make me a happier person. I may sound superficial. But these are things that truly only the rich can afford and I to be the rich. If you were given a billion dollars right now, I am sure that you will be a happier person.

I believe that money can buy many luxuries. However, I feel that health is still the most important. I would rather be healthy than wealthy. If you are rich but do not have the health to enjoy spending your money, then money is truly useless. This is common sense. Thus, in order to be happy, a person has to be healthy and wealthy.
Although it is important to be rich, I feel that we should not work too hard to be rich. A person can be wealthy if he works long hours every singe day. However, he will not have the time to enjoy spending his money. 

Furthermore, he will be less happy working so hard. Hence, I feel that we should try to find ways that allow us to be rich without working too hard. People might feel that there is no way a person could get rich without working hard. However, I feel that by utilizing our powerful minds, we will be able to get rich without working too hard. There are many real life examples. I hope to be able to achieve this.